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Educational qualification for Bachelor’s programmes

Higher education entrance qualification

An entrance qualification for the German higher education system is a general prerequisite for admittance to the programme of study. This can be provided in the form of:

  • German Abitur – obtained in Germany or acquired at a German school abroad
  • Higher education entrance qualification – acquired at a Studienkolleg in Germany
  • Examinded educational qualifications recognised as a university entrance qualification (e.g. by Landesschulamt)
  • Bescheinigung Gaokao-Verfahren for direct subject-restricted access to higher education in Germany – issued by the APS Examination Office Akademische Prüfstelle in China
  • Academic degreeacquired in Germany

Admission restrictions and deadlines

// For programmes with no admission restrictions, there is no selection procedure.
Anyone who meets the admission requirements and applies in due form and time will be admitted to the study programme.

Application for winter semester by: 15 September

// For programmes with admission restrictions, a selection procedure takes place.

Application for winter semester by: 15 July

// In certain study programmes, there are further admission requirements:

  • passing an aptitude test
  • certain language skills
  • a contract with a suitable company (dual study programmes).

For programmes with an aptitude test, separate application deadlines apply.

Application for winter semester by: 31 May

Application for summer semester by: 30 November