Which certificate are you applying with?

Application with German qualifications

  • German Abitur – obtained in Germany or acquired at a German school abroad
  • Higher education entrance qualification – acquired at a Studienkolleg in Germany
  • Examinded educational qualifications recognised as a university entrance qualification (e.g. by Landesschulamt)
  • Bescheinigung Gaokao-Verfahren for direct subject-restricted access to higher education in Germany – issued by the APS Examination Office Akademische Prüfstelle in China
  • Academic degreeacquired in Germany

Application with foreign qualifications

  • Higher education entrance qualification – acquired abroad
  • International Baccalaureat (IB)
  • Academic degreeacquired abroad
  • Hochschulzugangsberechtigung – im Ausland erworben
  • Internationales Baccalaureat (IB)
  • Akademischer Grad – im Ausland erworben